Vancouver Clinic

Vancouver Clinic

Hard to believe I've been living in Vancouver close to 5 years and my first week here I started working out of Personal Best Exercise Therapy Clinic!   

The clinic is located between Oak Street and Cambie Street on 16th Avenue.  The clinic just recently celebrated its 9th year in business!  The clinic is bright and provides a large movement studio at the entrance with natural light to perform movement coaching and then situated at the back of the clinic are the treatment rooms.

This is where you can find me on Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays from 7am until 1pm.

Where all my patients are assessed and treated.

When i'm asked... "What's your dream job?"

Mine is this....

I love coming to work every morning and having the opportunity to make an impact in my patients lives.   I love seeing their progression and just how amazing the body is at adapting to change if you provide it with the most optimal environment to heal!